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Are you finding it hard to keep up with video marketing on all the social media platforms out there? Perhaps your videos aren’t reflecting the end result you were hoping for.

Brandon Lucero, the founder of Video 4x Effect, has shared his methods for success in his new handbook.

The handbook takes Brandon’s years of experience and wraps it up into one concise resource.

He has millions of views on Facebook and Youtube, and thousands of video shares. He has made millions of dollars in sales and has had several successful product launches. He’s more than qualified to talk on the subject.

We’re lucky enough to listen.

Brandon spent 8 years in the video industry. It’s there that he started to see a disconnect between who was creating the video and the end results someone wanted to see.

Brandon decided to help businesses set up video in a way that eliminates this problem. And he’s put together a team to help with his vision.

He and his team know how to market and sell first, and how to create effective messaging to generate a large following. And not just one that’s temporary but a loyal following.

In the Video 4x Effect Handbook, Brandon explains why messaging is so important.

Ask yourself “How am I communicating in my content and sales process?”

According to the handbook, it’s all about standing for something. Your messaging should use ethical influence and persuasion in a way that’s easily processed. What sets you apart? What are your values and morals as a company? Run with that and lean into it in order to make lasting connections with an audience.

The handbook discusses what kind of content you should be putting out there and sharing.

Most businesses reach for the low hanging fruit: How-To Content.

How To Content is based on keywords, topics, and trends. It’s the idea that sharing this “valuable” information will gain a larger following because of what you’re offering.

The thing is, your competitors are offering the same information. What sets you apart is what you stand for and your mission statement as a brand.

Your mission should shine through every bit of content you’re producing. It’s not about how much content you’re sharing at once. It’s about the quality and how it aligns with your brand’s values.

Brandon and his team have mapped video content to a science.

The Video 4x Effect Handbook has everything you need to succeed in video marketing.

It will explain how to create an all-encompassing strategy for every social media platform you’re using. Every platform all in one cohesive plan.

The book will tell you how to create a team for video workflow, outsourcing, and production on any budget.

Video is such a crucial marketing tool, and you owe it to yourself and your business to fully utilize it.

Brandon Lucero took 8 years of experience and knowledge and placed it in an easily digestible resource. All so that you can succeed in this new content revolution.