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One of the most popular ways to connect with an audience these days is through “How To” content. If you haven’t heard of “How To” before or don’t know what it looks like, this can take on many different forms.

The Video4x Effect Handbook maps out what it takes to monetize this form of content.

“How To” content is based on providing valuable information to your followers. It can use keywords, trends or topics.

Keywords are used for content to rank higher in search results such as those on Google. Keywords help you reach the most followers, and if used correctly can help you grow as a business.

Trends are based on content that is popular across social media platforms. It can be anything and these change rapidly.

The mistake most entrepreneurs make is thinking that giving more information and more content is the way to grow a following.

They pump out content full of keywords and make a post about every trend or topic. They try to cover all their bases and offer as much “valuable” content as possible.

But it isn’t about how much information you are sharing. All of your competitors are sharing the same tips and tricks. The same up to date posts on the trend of the moment. They’re utilizing the same keywords.

It’s about the connection you make with your audience. How do you set yourself apart? What do you stand for? What kind of messaging are you using?

The Video 4x Effect Handbook helps you answer all of these important questions.

The handbook will help you improve your messaging. You need to be authentic and unique. You need to be passionate about what you’re putting out into the world. Your values and beliefs should shine through. And it should work personally and professionally.

Video 4x helps you communicate these values in a way that’s palettable. In a way that’s easily processed by the human mind.

Rather than jumping on every bandwagon in order to produce more content, it’s about being deliberate. Write about the topics that fit with your brand and your values. If the “How To” content you’re producing doesn’t fit with your mission, why are you producing it?