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How to use video effectively in a business is something many struggle with. It can be overwhelming with all the social media platforms out there.

Video 4x Effect is all about streamlining that process and combining video platforms to work together. Imagine creating one strategy that works for Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Imagine how much time you would save.

Customers who have used the methods in the Video 4x Effect Handbook have seen an 800% increase in downloads of their podcast. Some have even generated $20k in revenue in a 3 week timespan.

So what’s the secret?

The handbook focuses on 4 pillars that support growth and impact within your business.

Pillar 1: Identify Impact and Revenue Goals

This is where you have to start in order to fix video in your business. You need to identify how your content will get you closer to making a sale or an impact on your audience. Many think more content is better. It turns out it’s what you’re putting out there, not how much.

Pillar 2: Impactful and Effective Messaging

You need to be purposeful with how you communicate in your content and sales process. Video 4x is about finding your voice as a brand and relaying that in an effective way. Stand for something and be yourself. Authenticity is important to your audience and will help form those connections. The handbook explains how to communicate what you do and how you do it in a way that’s easily processed by the human mind.

Pillar 3: Synergistic Strategy

This is one of the core values in Video 4x. It comes down to streamlining your video output. You should be using video on multiple platforms. But that doesn’t mean you need to be overwhelmed and struggling to divide your efforts between them. This pillar is all about how to combine Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs and Podcasts so that they work together. This allows you to grow all platforms at once.

Pillar 4: Make Video Handsoff for You the Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs, it’s common to have an independent mentality about work. You want to do it all and rely on yourself for everything. But effective video marketing requires more. This pillar is all about stepping back and accepting you shouldn’t do everything yourself. Have a team for video. You can have a team for video workflow, process, outsourcing and production on any budget. The 4x Effect Handbook will show you how.

Video 4x has helped entrepreneurs overcome their video blocks. With methods based off of these simple pillars, businesses are able to flourish and grow beyond expectations.

This is a content revolution that a new generation of business owners are placing their trust in. And they’re seeing results.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to grow your following, increase your revenue or all of the above. Video 4x Effect’s Handbook is deliberate, succinct and effective.

Video is a powerful form of messaging. You could be missing a whole group of people in your marketing. And this is your chance to connect with them.