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How Unheard Entrepreneurs Are Finding The Message That Quickly Builds Profitable Connection Without “How-To” Content

Have You Noticed The Shift Happening Right Now?

Why is it that the fastest-growing course creators aren’t using 100% traditional tutorial based “how to” content, yet they continue to outgrow everyone else?


Here’s what most people do, and this may be you

1) They think they need to “add value” by teaching more and more. So they start pushing “how-to” content based on keywords, trends and topics… giving more and more information. 

2) They let their audience dictate what content they do based off of surveys. 

3) They think vulnerability builds connection without realizing vulnerability is just the vehicle that releases the thing that builds connection.

And these may work… or may not. You see, if you focus 100% on “how to” content you virtually teach the same thing as all your competitors. That’s why you blend in and go unnoticed. Even if you do grow with “how to” it’s because they are connecting with you on something you’re not aware of.

Now, if you continue creating content based on the survey results your audience gives you then they control your message, and you have no message.

Lastly, vulnerability used incorrectly starts to attract the wrong people in your audience because you’re releasing the wrong things. For example, if I told you about a fight I got in with my wife that doesn’t build any connection that helps build my business.  

Your content is just a vehicle to deliver a message and most UNHEARD entrepreneurs focus on delivering a ton of content without taking into consideration the messaging or how connection and growth are REALLY created.

When you look beneath the service of the fastest growing entrepreneurs this is exactly what they are doing and…

  • What if you leaned into that? How much faster would you grow?
  • What if you shifted your audience’s perspective, connected based on beliefs and reinforced their identity?
  • What if you stood out because you stood for something?

AND… What if you STREAMLINED the entire process so content was EASY?

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